phyllotaxis pavilion 02

this is another evolution in my pavilion project.
i used two Fibonacci's number (13 and 21) different from previous experiment, in this way i could obtain smaller panels that make more evident the modulation of holes.
i modified the tubolar shape, so in the middle of the generator curve the pavilion section is more similar to an ellipse than a circle.
to obtain a more standardized shape of the triangular panel (in previous experiments they are more stretched in pavilion extremes), generator curve is not divided in equal part but division lenght change with the distance from an attractor point (which influences pavilion radius also).
for this pavilion i created a double membrane, it's thicker near the ground (to be more resistant) and became thinner going to the top.
the modulation of holes is achieved by an attractor point placed near the middle of the curve generator.

You can download the script here!.


tommy ha detto...

non funzione questo script

line 73

andrea bugli ha detto...

lo script funziona, la linea 73 è una linea di spiegazione che non viene eseguita da rhinoscript.

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