pavilion + ecotect

I've seen, on atelier nGai site, a very interesting tutorial on the use of Ecotect and Rhinoscript.
I took the script made by Ted Ngai and adapted it to my pavilion.
I created a mesh similar to the pavilion shape, I put it into Ecotect and analysed Incident Solar Radiation during a day. I obtained values for every mesh faces, I saved them in excel and after brought them into my pavilion script. In this way I creat
ed a new pavilion: hole size on triangular face depend on Incident Solar Radiation value on that face during a day.


thefuturedaily ha detto...

i was wondering if you could script. im working on a project and i want to do a similar surface treatment, except on a high rise building.

andrea bugli ha detto...

I apologize but I can't post the script for now. I'm still working on it and I have to arrange my work before posting it. I'll do in the future but I can't say when because I'm busy at the moment.
I assure you that the best way to learn how to work with ecotect and rhino is with Ted Ngai's tutorials:




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