Digital refining: new winery for “Consorzio Vini Tipici di San Marino” _[prototype A]

At the end of the design process I dealt with a prototyping phase. The aim of this phase was to analyse structural behaviour of a multiperformance membrane and to show the variation of every single component originated from the same “genotype”. Prototyping had also the purpose of demonstrate the capacity for managing and producing a complex shape generated by an algorithm.
A section of a membrane with is respective inner floor was selected for the prototype; I optimized the file for the print dividing it in 7 parts and clustering it in a bucket (25x20x20 cm).  

After some little adjustments with Netfabb, the prototype was produced with a Z-Corp 3D printer at SILAB, University of Bologna, with the help of Giovanni Bacci. 

The parts of the model were imbued with cyanoacrylate to provide them hardness, after that were assembled in the final mock-up.



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