surface tessellation 01

I've seen on opensystem blog an interesting script that uses squares to tessellate a surface.So i created a similar script that uses triangles instead of squares. It's a little bit more complicated because it creates lofted surface in the end.
This script is based on the use of recursive function. Triangles are divided in two part until the distance between triangle centre and his projection on the surface is less than a value adjustable by the user. After that are created 3 different curves in each triangle, that are lofted to obtain a surface.

You can download the script here!!


STU ha detto...

getting an error at "line 73, char 15" : If (distcrv <>

any help?

andrea bugli ha detto...

Hi Stu,

there is an error in the file...
you have to substitute line 73 with:

If (distcurv < 0.15) and (distang< 5) Then


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